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Hollywood Life

Here spring is. Here new inventory is. I will work on putting the new inventory on the site this week. I have a quick trip this weekend to see family and friends. I am hoping to accomplish some work (I can't help myself) but more play than anything. I want to stare at Picasso's and then sip on a latte. I want to explore space and then dance while worshiping my childhood friends. I want to shower them with clothes that I have hand selected. I adore them! I need them. I've missed them. I love my mom but I want to get into trouble. I can't do that so instead I will make pretend - my favorite game.

Back to new inventory, I am seeing tons of adorable prints for spring. Every dress I see reminds me of love and I am addicted! I know I should have some shame in my game but I can't seem to find it.There are so many flow-y white dresses with prints and I just want them all. Is it just me? I will for sure have one up by next week so look out for that. What else do you guys want to see? Do you want to see what me and my friends get up to this weekend? Maybe we will record silly rap songs or go for wine. What I know for sure is that I have planned to get my hair colored and I might go for my nails if there's time. Boring details. Anyways, I will probably upload the silliness to instagram.

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