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Your Local Artist

One day I was riding the metro. That does not sound extraordinary but for me this was extraordinary. I had just landed that morning at LAX and was metro bound for Downtown Los Angeles. I had only taken the metro twice before from my home in Hollywood but I was confident in myself. I needed to go to the wholesale mart to buy retail inventory for my fashion website.

The security guard tried to warn me against the metro and he advocated for my safety in my silly fur vest and rolling suitcase. I was a lady on a mission, however, and I needed my "merch".

Sure, the metro elevator smelled like an alcoholic's failed liver exploded all over plexi glass. So what if the seats were too close together and covered in filth? I could have cared less about the screaming children, honestly, I was in an obnoxiously good mood.

Then this young man, he had to be a teen still or even in his early 20s, he stood up in front of the metro and begged for our cabin's attention. I did my best but honestly I probably appeared to be looking out of the window but I listened to his words intently. I took them in and they were beautiful. At the end he had to beg for applause but he didn't need to because one other person and I were attempting to clap. He thanked us for our humanity and gave me his card with poetry. Please check out his work. Being an artist is so hard and at times degrading but through our work we can connect the human species.

Please show gratitude to those willing and brave enough to showcase their work. Even a clap or an uplifting word can mean so much to the work we pour our lives into. Today when I was sitting with my friend Megyn we talked about lifting others up and the universe responding by lifting us up. Let us lift everyone up.

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