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Libertina <3

Sometimes life just makes sense in a totally nonsensical way.

Maybe I started a job that I shouldn't like, but I do.

Maybe people are coming into my life who I didn't think I deserved.

Maybe dreams aren't as big as I once thought they were.

Maybe life is full of drama.

It is also full of microscopically beautiful moments to hold onto for my living time.

I have taken risks and I have lost enough.

I have failed innumerable times; every time I enjoyed it more.

Now here I am.


A free man.

A nothing and everything, all at once.

Diving into every indulgence imaginable.

Life is a maybe.

That is why we should live as libertines.

Not libertines without discipline.

Just libertines of thoughts and dreams.

That is all that we can contribute, anyways.

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