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Hay Day

Even though it looks like we spent the day in bikinis, we are actually tired AF.

The dogs got out at the apartment mid-photoshoot so I had to run back and apologize profusely after my emotional meltdown.

We had planned to get 5 looks, maybe more. We only got 2!

Oh well, we will give ourselves some credit for at least getting work done!

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch. Salads and Prosecco.

We talked about ourselves some more (Haha, I love you <3)!

Laying by the fountains at FIDM, pretending to be silly idiots. You are fun my friend! We liked watching the little boy jump on the stones inside of the fountain.

We claimed our stoop and told everyone to "F Off!" No one messes with us, ya hear!?

Let's share hearts friend.

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