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Unintended consequences...

Things have been so crazy for the past year but in all of the best ways. I love being busy because when I have too much time my mind races, it obsesses, it goes to the ends of the universe and then tickles the nerves of all of my cells.

My mind has been racing a lot recently as well but in productive ways. I've been doing loads of writing, loads of homework, loads of scheming. I am trying to publish another book that is inspired by some of my past work. I have my runway show coming up so I am sewing any time that I have a moment to sit and catch my breath. I am wrapping up a degree in college and about to plan a transfer to another university soon so homework is taking up too much time.

I have a couple tricks up my sleeve that are in progress but all I want to do is curl up in the mountain of pillows on my bed and cuddle my sweet baby child. His cheeks are so soft and his voice is so sweet. Life is good. This is what I dreamed of. The blessing would be the ability to hold on to it. To keep this feeling without letting it slip between my fingers like I am wonton to do. Let the happiness linger. Stay focused but buzzing.

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