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Advice from a pro...

As Ash K Holm (@ash_kholm) was speaking I had so many questions that I could not wait to unload on her. Lash extensions vs strips? Favorite moisturizer? Go to makeup remover? But the one question I knew I needed to ask her was the one she answered succinctly and sincerely.

She stopped her makeup demonstration as I spoke and the question left my lips. "How do you handle it when someone won't give you credit for your work? Do you message them or..."

She sighed exasperated, "Ugh! This just happened to me!"

She gave me a harsh dose of reality. Not everyone is going to want to be your friend in life. A lot of people are going to try to use you as a stepping stone for their own careers. You need to forget those people and keep moving on. Surround yourself with good people who want good things for you. They are out there and they are to be cherished. Sure, you can message someone to ask them for credit for your work but they knew what they were doing. Tagging you would have taken 1 second, they chose not to. Move on.

Thank you Ash.

Your answer brought me peace of mind.
Teen Vogue

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