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So this is life now..

Thinking of you.
Santa Monica

So much time has just absolutely swallowed me whole. Today I am in one city but the next who knows where I'll be. I've learned to cherish the still moments, the quiet time, the relaxed breathing that accidentally slips into my daily flurry.

Now that I am robustly into my adulthood and I have accomplished half of what I have set out for, I have realized that there is immense value in slowing down and taking advantage of my time to maintain what presently needs prioritization. These past few days I have managed to take care of some overdo tasks. It has reenergized me because I did not realize how much those tasks were weighing me down mentally and then manifesting physically. One of those tasks was this website.

It was worth the time and energy because I could not be happier with the redesign. This is always how I imagined this site to be and it makes me so excited to bring more content to you. I have some exceptional things to bring to you in this next year and I am confident in my ability to do so because I have taken the time to slow down and get my eggs in order. Thank you time for being the delicious luxury that you are!

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