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A Healthy Thrill

So. The other night I was wandering across this precious globe of ours. It was late and my son and I had found a relic of the 90s - a Burger King with an indoor jungle gym! So obviously we pulled over in Las Vegas, New Mexico to partake in a childhood rite-of-passage plus we finally ate on our journey because we hadn't eaten since that morning at the complimentary hotel breakfast. Our snack bag was weak and staffing shortages meant that not every gas station was open on our adventures. We lucked out by finding this Burger King and we even had it all to ourselves until a big family came in.

Baby boy threw off his shoes and was in that jungle gym as if he had the zoomies.

I took the opportunity to find us accommodations. The night before I had gotten lucky with a great rate at a mid hotel and I wanted a similar deal (because I am a cheap $&$^%&, always will be). The first hotel I called was no such luck. It all worked out though because we ended up at THE PLAZA.

The building is old, the architecture is unique and the layout is grand.

The Plaza is for travelers who love history and art. There were artistic pieces to see everywhere from the furniture, to the handmade native art, to the decor. The story of the Plaza is classic.

We even had a fabulous breakfast!

I love hidden treasures to explore and experience!

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