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A very serious lady

I'm tired. I want to sleep but all I have are my wild dreams and vivid thoughts to keep me company at night. Slumber eludes.

I think about all of the projects I have completed. Tiling, shelving, mounting, molding, floors, bathroom, kitchen, painting, sanding, landscaping. What insanity I put myself through. And there is still SO much more to do. I want to add a garage and a loft to this house. This house was a visual and sensory tragedy when we met but she's really taking to all the attention she's gotten 💘

I have a new design concept I want to explore this spring but it will take so much work out of me and it's hard for me to find motivation and focus for long. I want to rest but the concept of time, like everything else, gives me anxiety. Can I remodel another house plus finish a collection in a months time? Would my energy be better suited elsewhere? I really wanted to teach my son piano and a million other subjects anyways. He has really become so bright and who knows how long I will have to teach him about life.

This was us excavating shark teeth - he is my lil scientist, just like mommy. I'm so grateful to him for being my best friend and for all of his love and patience for me. I am the luckiest.

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