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Hello Loves <3

This past week I have been so lazy. I started reading a book and I watched T.V. with my son in bed. Cracking open a new book was so exciting because I used to read constantly but due to school I have avoided books in an effort to avoid mental exhaustion. I am going to need my energy going into the new year. I still have so many ambitions and I feel that I am not even halfway to where I want to be as far as building my goals. This does not worry me because that has always been my default setting.

I always want to push myself harder and push myself further. I am in this for the marathon and my middle name is endurance. I wish I could share everything I want to accomplish with you all but I do not want to add public pressure on top of the self-pressure that I already feel.

As I make my way to my new destination this week; I have strategy, plans, and to-do lists. The website's redesign looks amazing and this is the vision that I have always had for I have new visuals coming in throughout the next week from multiple sources, new pieces to ship out, and finalization of real estate plans. I am really going to try to be easy on myself and get as strong as possible for this new year to be my best ever. Hopefully my next blog post will be able to showcase and discuss everything that I have accomplished during this week. Thank you for checking in with

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