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Okay so I have BIG plans for myself this month like OMG - WATCH ME! I can't wait for the first of the month, I can't wait for the full moon, I can't wait for Halloween!

I want my mental energy renewed so that I can sit with myself and complete a thought. I want my spiritual energy cleansed so that I can pretend that the memory of 90% of the people I have met has been wiped from my psyche and remembered experiences. I want my physical presence renewed to the entire glory that I am capable.

My whole life I have really struggled to relate to others. This year, this month, this day, this moment I have promised myself to stop trying to relate to others and stop trying to be understood. People will always be blown away by my energies and ambitions. I am "too much" for many people and that is actually a blessing and a signal of who to stay TF away from. OMG I am going to be on FIRE 🔥

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