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Things that make me happy

I love stories with pictures. Here are the things that I think about that make me happy...

Heirloom fashion pieces. Make me #swoon for a brooch 💘 I will work on sharing more of these pieces as I incorporate them into my looks this next collection.

Alone time. As an adult, I am beyond relieved by all of the alone time that I am afforded. Growing up I was forced to socialize a lot - and I resent that. Hah!

Anything with my son makes me the most grateful version of myself. He is the greatest gift I have ever given myself and that is saying a lot since some people have called me selfish. Growing up I was very selfless and as I have gotten older I understand now that that put me in a position to be used by others. This chapter of my life is all about me, myself, and Iiiii💖

Lastly, I appreciate all of the projects that I have put forth. It was a ton of thankless work but one day I will have a vast accumulation of art and pieces to give to the world. That's all I ever wanted to do, give back. 🌞

I hope I have the energy to continue creating art and pieces with and for you all.

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